SEO press releases have become an imperative aspect for the businesses nowadays. With optimized keywords and hyperlinks, these press releases hold the vital responsibility of increasing traffic for the websites. These highly impacting SEO press releases also improve the ranks on a search engine and ensure great coverage on social media platform.

Press release carries vital responsibility to bring the website and the brand right in front of the audiences. The messages carried in the content of press releases reflect the brand’s performances. The press release enhances the presence of the brand in social media platform.

Press Release and Its Effectiveness for Your Website

An effective press release includes the company news and alerts with new contents. All of these help in proving better value for your social media strategy.You indeed need to develop SEO friendly press release for your business but before creating a press release you need to query about few requirements that are vital for developing a valuable press release for your website.

Ask these questions to yourself before Developing an SEO Press Release:

  • Is the press release configured with your company’s current SEO requirements?
  • What are the top keywords that can be applicable to the press release?
  • Could any other keywords appropriately be useful for the press release?
  • With the press release, are there any web pages that can be linked up with it to draw traffic?
  • Can the press release be enhanced with rich media content like images, videos or any other contents?

13 Steps to Write an SEO Friendly Press Release

Below specified are few helpful tips that can help you in writing effective and SEO friendly press release.

Find the best keywords to be used in the press release as per the news being established.

Using online keyword tools can be quite helpful for you as it would determine the correct terms.

It is advised to use the most popular keyword in the headline as it would give the content more weight.

Use 2-3 relevant keywords at least 3 times in the press release.

Avoid over hyperlink of the words as this can be the reason to develop irrelevant results. Even it may be considered as spam by the search engine.

Anchor text the hyperlinks in your press release. This word must be ensured to link back to the appropriate page on the website.

You must ensure that the page you have linked back is optimized with the picked keyword.

The anchor text must be placed in the first two paragraphs; this will be picked easily by the search engine that would result in increasing web traffic.

It is advised to keep the press release short and to the point.

An SEO friendly press release must be between 300-500 word counts.

Use balanced keywords and avoid too many keywords in the press release.

You can add rich media content in the press release that would attract the search engine to pick the content easily.

In the press release, include at least one link to your website.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that blogging is a proven form of content marketing that drives traffic to your website.

It’s true.  Writing juicy articles that answer your prospects’ biggest questions and provides value is a smart way to attract your ideal target market.

But writing the article is only half the battle.

The key is to optimize your blog post so it’s easily found in the search engines.  And relax, you don’t need to be a techie genius to do it.

Here’s a simple guide to SEO optimize your website blog posts:

  1. Start by finding highly searched upon topics to write about. Google AdWords™ is the ultimate tool for helping you find high-traffic keyword phrases.  Not only does it ensure you are writing about topics that thousands of people want to know about, but it also guarantees you’ll get lots of traffic to it too!

    Think about it.  How many times have you typed “how to _____” in a search engine?  You find the top article that comes up in Google and read it, right? So your goal is to have YOUR article be the one at the top when someone else does a similar search for your area of expertise.

  2. Write a blog title that includes this keyword phrase. When you write your blog title, it’s one of the most important parts to your piece. You want to strike a balance of something that stirs curiosity and also includes your keyword phrase.

    Ultimately, it should appeal to both readers and search engines so give this some extra time and thought to get the most out of your piece.

  3. Use your keyword phrase several times in key places in your article. These places include:
    • The first paragraph,
    • Keyword-rich hyperlinks,
    • Image ALT tags,
    • Image file names using the keyword phrase,
    • Subtitles in the article using H2, H3, H4 header tags,
    • The last paragraph of the article, and
    • A concluding article sentence.
  4. Optimize your Title, Description, and Keyword meta tags. If you are using WordPress, there are plugins available such as YOAST SEO that give you the ability to quickly add these tags. Be sure to get familiar with using YOAST SEO properly so you can master the art of SEO optimizing your articles.
  5. At the end of your article, list related articles of interest. You could say “If you enjoyed this article, here are some related articles you may enjoy.” And list their hyperlinked titles. We have DISQUS for comments installed on our blog that does this for us automatically.

    Doing this gives you the opportunity to link to other related articles that are also related to similar keywords. This creates internal cross links between your blog articles that will boost your overall blog SEO.

  6. Post teasers and links to your blog articles on all your social media platforms. This will give you incoming links to boost the popularity of your website with the search engines.

    If you keep a checklist handy when you publish a new blog (we use an Excel spreadsheet), it makes it easy to get into the habit of ensuring your post is being promoted to all of the available channels.

  7. Be consistent. All of these tips can be very effective at driving SEO traffic to your website but ONLY if you post new articles on a regular basis. Search engines will quickly think your website has been abandoned if you haven’t posted anything new to it for a while.

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The longtail keyword – friend of internet marketers every where. By tapping into long tail keywords you can drive high quality traffic to your website and offers. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases composed of three or more words.

Why Do I Care?

There are two main reasons to are about long tail keyword terms:

1. Less Competition: There is significantly less competition for longtail keyword terms. This means Pay-Per-Click ads will be cheaper, and it will be easier to organically rank on the first page of Google for these terms.

2. More Targeted Traffic: While longtail search terms are searched far less, they are usually done by people looking to buy or act right away so they convert at a much higher rate.

The general goal with longtail keyword terms is to rank for a whole bunch of them. When it comes to your bottom line there is no real difference if you make 500 sales from one short tail keyword term, or 500 sales from 500 different long tail keyword terms.

Here is an Helpful Video on Internet Markeing

How Can I Rank for Long Tail Terms

1. A Blog – You will want to run your site with some sort of blogging platform. This will make it easy for you to create content and is friendly to the search engines. As usual, we recommend WordPress.

2. Permalinks – You will want to set up the permalinks on your blog to make them keyword rich. The best way to do this is et your permalinks up so they pull the post title into the URL. This way when you use your longtail keyword in your post title, it will also be in your URL.

3. Create Tons of Content – Every piece of content you create is a potential longtail keyword term. The more posts you create, then the more chance you get found by people searching for longtail keyword terms. Remember, longtail terms are a numbers game. You want to rank for hundreds of these terms. Consistently creating content will help you with that.

4. Share Your Content – Like with any new content you want to share it through many avenues. You will certainly want to Facebook and Tweet your content. Also make sure you take advantage of social bookmarking sites like Digg. Anywhere you are sharing your content is another place someone might be searching a longtail keyword.

Longtail keywords may not pay off like some of there shorter counterparts, but they are easier to rank for, and convert better. The best way to take advantage of these terms is to create great content related to the terms, and share it across the web. At the end of the day longtail keywords is a numbers game. You have to be committed to creating a lot of content, and ranking for a lot of terms. In the end though, this will pay off and you will boost your website revenues.

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While experts talk a lot about Black Hat and White Hat SEO principles, Greyhat SEO principles are not mentioned by many people. When we think about the Black and White policies, they mention the fair and unfair means of SEO distinctly. However, just like the real life, things are not absolutely Black or White. There are many shades of grey where we follow fair and unfair means (and sometimes a blend of it), depending on the circumstances. When you seek help from expert SEO Services Tacoma, they work on core design principles and sound judgment that bring valid result without crossing the line of black hat principles.

Is it ok to use GreyHat SEO principles?

As per experts, there is no harm in using grey shades of SEO provided you use techniques that are not near white hat and black hat. It means that dark shades of grey are not appropriate. When SEO experts of SEO Services Tacoma design SEO strategy for your company, they find out the most suitable techniques for you. Intelligent SEO principles can be derived. The principles allow experiments with varying degrees of risks.

Feeder site, an effective SEO strategy

SEO experts use several strategies used by experts that help clients in achieving high levels of internet visibility. When you want to test the customer response to Greyhat SEO methods, creating one or multiple feeder sites is an effective way. When you create a simple web page using tools like Hubpage or Squidoo, it can measure the traffic brought by social media websites. If your website rank is currently 3, then it can be increased by linking to the sites that have a high rank. Thus, feeder sites tell about the effectiveness without spending exorbitantly. You can discuss good SEO strategy with the best SEO Services Tacoma, who can suggest the best method.

It is risk-free and penalty free

When you call SEO experts for Greyhat experiment, there is no risk of getting a penalty from Google. It imposes penalties on Black Hat strategies only. Though Grey techniques are quite close to the Black Hat methods, they are easy to implement. Article spinning is an example of Greyhat solution. When automated techniques are used for writing content in multiple ways, all versions are unique. Since search engine algorithms find all of them unique, there is no reason they should be penalized. Certainly, it is not a White Hat technique, but it is not a Black Hat technique as well.

If you want to do the same using White Hat technique, then it is required to write 100 unique articles using human efforts. It will be a time-consuming and expensive effort. However, in this case, each article will be meaningful. Each sentence will have relevance. It will not be a sequence of words that do not convey any meaning.

Thus, it is quite clear that Greyhat techniques are useful and economical. You can call Internet Marketing Company in Tacoma to decide suitable techniques for maximizing the visibility of your business.

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Warning – your SEO company could be doing you more harm than good! This is true for a lot of businesses and brands that in turn downplay SEO as a whole. In this case, it’s opposite the saying – don’t hate the game, hate the player. If your SEO company’s methods aren’t effective for your Los Angeles business, it’s not the SEO game, it’s the SEO service provider you’re using. If this is the case, you need to find a new one.

Too many businesses and brands are being scammed by mediocre SEO companies. Don’t be another statistic. Here are six ways to know if it’s time to give your SEO provider the pink slip.

They Have No Evidence to Show

Anyone can talk a good game about what they’ve done and can do for you, but if the SEO company in question can’t put his money where his mouth is, then it’s time to move on. Always ask about the methods they utilize to achieve the claims they’re promising. Past results and rise in rankings aren’t important if they are implementing black hat methods. Don’t fret if you’re not getting results two, three or even four months down the line. Significant results sometimes aren’t seen for six to 12 months because work done for SEO rankings has delayed results.

However, during the first few weeks or months, the following should take place:

  • An SEO audit of your website
  • Optimization of your site content
  • Analysis of your website’s link profile
  • Content containing links to your site, being published on other websites

They Ask for Nothing

You are the owner of your website, it makes sense you are asked for help during the SEO process. You’ll need to grant them access to important areas, including:

  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Social media accounts
  • Google Analytics

They may also ask you about past audits, penalties and work your site has had, along with a list of target keywords you think they should focus on. If they don’t ask you for anything and are simply adding backlinks from spammy sites, run for the hills!

They Offer No Recommendations for Improvements

If an SEO company doesn’t offer suggestions after reviewing your website and web design, it could mean they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s like a fashion designer looking at a wardrobe of tacky clothes and saying absolutely nothing– not going to happen!

They Won’t Share their Techniques

You have every right to ask SEO companies how they do what they do. After all, you are paying them your hard earned cash to get results. Avoid SEO services that give responses like:

  • Our efforts and tactics must remain confidential.
  • We aren’t permitted to disclose our methods.
  • We do a number of things, but we basically optimize your site for Google and other search engines.

Vague answers and evasions should be warning signs of scam artists. True SEO companies utilize white hat SEO practices and are willing and able to clearly explain them. If they don’t, it’s quite possible they are using black hat techniques that can get your site banned.

Your Rankings Are Dropping

Always keep an eye on your rankings to ensure they are doing better, not worse. If you see your site falling in the ranks, it could be because the SEO firm is employing methods that are penalizing your website.

Your Traffic Come to a Halt

The purpose of SEO services is to help you increase traffic. But if you are seeing the exact opposite, it could be a sign of an algorithmic penalty. This may or may not be due to your SEO company. Ask questions to find out what’s happening. You can do this by identifying what changes were made to your site days or weeks before the decline.

Hiring a Top SEO Company

If you’ve decided to drop your current SEO company, don’t give up. There are a number of SEO companies in L.A. that offer great services, including Web design, social media marketing and online reputation management. Ask plenty of questions and ensure you are satisfied with the answers you receive.